Why Do We Walk and Run? 

Some Run for their grandfather, some Walk for their mom.  Some walk for their neighbor, while others Run for themselves.  

rally & walk slider photoNo matter the reason, each year Oklahoman's gathers to show support for the Parkinson's Community.  The Parkinson's Rally Walk & 5K, held annually OKC, Tulsa, and now McAlester, has grown to become the largest annual fundraising event for the Parknson Foundation of Okahoma.  By raising funds and increasing community awareness, it plays a key role in helping the Foundation fullfill its mission of improving the quality of life for Oklahoma Parkinson's families.   

Your support of this event helps  the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma forward provide therapy, education, and support across the state. As an organization headquarted and operating solely in Okahoma, you can feel good knowing that 100% of your donation will stay in state to help those who need it most.